Flexibility and adaptability

Steel structures satisfy any design requirements, both from an architectural and structural point of view. Steel can be used for simple or more complex and elegant structures. No other construction material approaches the ability of steel to encourage the freedom of expression and creativity. It also offers a high adaptability, being easier to modify, compared to other structural materials.

Flexibilitatea și adaptabilitatea
Viteza execuției


Steel structures may be reused and recycled repeatedly without loosing their quality. They are recycled more than any other construction material. More and more investors, architects, engineers and constructors use steel structures to reach sustainability and performance goals.

Construction speed

Steel structures can be designed, manufactured and erected rapidly, reducing the total costs related to construction. In this way, profit is generated due to early occupancy of the building. The possibility to have a large part of the structure prefabricated ensures an increased productivity and unlike other structural systems, steel structures can also be erected during the winter period.


The choice for steel structures is competitive from the economic point of view, when compared to other structural systems due to:

  • Reduced costs related to the foundation system; the reduced weight of the structure leads to smaller foundations and consequently less expensive;
  • The speed of construction ensures the early occupancy which can provide significant profit by using the building as soon as possible

Earthquake resistance

Steel structures are light, maintaining in the same time a high resistance level. Due to its reduced weight, the inertia forces generated by earthquakes are smaller than in the case of heavier structures, which makes steel less vulnerable to the seismic action.

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